Hello dear Stelvio friends


Here is finally the news you've all been waiting for: The 2021 Stelvio Marathon will take place!


We have worked hard and discussed a lot and have come to the conclusion that this year we will not allow anything to stand in our way.


However, there will be some big changes due to the ongoing legal regulations related to the coronavirus. Here on this page you will find everything you need to know about this year's event.




One of the important changes is for sure the date of the event.

The Stelvio Marathon 2021 will take place on Saturday, 24.07.2021


There will be a single course of 21km and 2100 meters of elevation gain. You will run as usual in the lower part and then stay on the trail in the upper part and will not descend to the hairpin bends of the Stelvio Road. The goal is as always on the Stilfserjoch.


The change of date is necessary because there will almost certainly still be snow on this year's route on the original date. And we hope that the general situation will calm down a bit in the meantime (hopefully).



In order to pick up the start number during the start number issue, the registration documents must be presented. All participants are obliged to wear the start numbers provided by the organizer with an integrated timekeeping chip. The sponsor logos must not be covered.



All participants receive a bag with their starting number. This or a backpack marked with the start number can be handed in before the race and we will transport it to the finish area.



The result lists will be published in the finish area and in the Prad sports zone. The results can be viewed here on our website immediately after the race. In addition, each participant can download their personal certificate after the race.



All participants who make it to the finish line receive a medal



The route is signposted all year round. For the deviating last section, signs will be put up on the day of the competition.



Emergency doctors, volunteers from the Weißes Kreuz Prad and Ortler area, mountain rescuers from Prad, Trafoi, Mals and the customs officers, as well as the fire brigades in the area ensure the safety of the participants.



The volunteer fire brigades and all marshals take over the security service. The instructions of the track staff, the security services and the race management must be followed without exception.



The type and number of refreshment points along the route depend on the legal regulations at the time of the event. But we will do our best to provide you with the best possible care within this framework.


... unfortunately there won't be any. But we thought about something so that you don't have to starve to death after the race :) Info will follow soon!



This year the starter package includes a Stelvio marathon headband, great products from our sponsors and various vouchers that can be redeemed in our region


Due to the legal regulations, we as an association cannot organize return transport this year.


However, we will make sure that there are enough return options on the Stelvio Pass on the day of the event to bring you safely into the valley. There is also the option of being picked up by family or friends at the Stelvio Pass, as there will be no roadblock due to the route, which this time runs completely off the road.


And then we have something cool in the pipeline, more information will follow :)

More info

... we don't have it ourselves at the moment.

We are still working on the details such as start times, the exact position of the start and finish, etc. As soon as we have reliable information, we will add it here immediately. The information here on the page should meanwhile provide information about the most important and decisive points.