Registrations ended!

As the route of the Stelvio Marathon will not run on the pass road this year, it will be open to traffic as normal. So this time we leave the choice to you as to how you want to get back to Prad.

On the one hand there is the possibility to be picked up by friends and family directly at the Stilfserjoch. The public bus and a taxi are also a good way to get back to the valley. But of course we also thought about something special ...

Use of a rental bike

Anyone who would like to go back to the valley by bike after the race can pre-order a bike here for € 15. The bike (and, if necessary, a helmet) will be waiting for you at the finish. Simply enter it here, bring the confirmation and the 15 € with the start number issue (saturday morning only!) and pick up the bike at the finish after the race. The bike can then simply be returned to Prad after departure.

Use of your own bike

Anyone who would like to ride their own bike back to the valley after the race can have their bike brought to the finish area for € 10. Simply register here, bring your bike, confirmation and the € 10 when you get your starting number (saturday morning only) and pick up the bike at the finish line after the race.

Both offers are third-party services.