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The three variants

The Stilferjoch Stelvio Trail Run on the legendary Stelvio Pass appeals to competitive trail runners from all over the world, enthusiastic hobby runners who focus on having fun, and mountain lovers with or without hiking poles.

There are three different ways to take part in the Stelvio Trail Run:

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for the contesting pros

A doctor's certificate is required for participation, the time is measured and at the end there is a list of results with ranking and an award for the best times in each category.


for ambitious amateur athletes

No medical certificate is required. However, the time of the participants is measured and at the end there is an alphabetical list of results without ranking. The five participants in this ranking who have the smallest difference to the average time will be awarded.



for the mountain lovers

No medical certificate is required, and the time is not measured. Participants only have to arrive at their destination within a certain time and five prizes will be drawn. Participants can also use trekking poles.

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