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2022 TRACK


21.000 m


2.100 m


Prad am Stilfserjoch - Pazleidhof - Archaikweg –Stilfs - Platzhof - Fragges game reserve - Prader Alm - Furkelhütte - Goldseeweg - Stelvio Pass peak

The last part of the route does not run on the pass road as usual. The route remains on the Goldseeweg / Lago d'Oro to the Stelvio Pass / Stilfserjoch. The finish line is at the Pass as usual.


Course description

The 21 km route of the Stelvio Marathon starts in Prad am Stilfserjoch and leads over the Patzleidhof and the Archaikweg first to Stilfs. You can get to the rustic mountain village after a short time. This is known for the steepness of its streets. These also lead us to the exit of the village in the direction of Platzhof, not far from the picturesque St. Martin church. Here, the runner already has a first clear view of King Ortler and his companions.


The route from the Platzhof takes us alternately on narrow forest paths and wide gravel paths and ensures a constant change of rhythm. On this section, the runner can also get a glimpse of some wild animals that cavort in the wildlife enclosure Fragges or in the free environment. Soon we come to a long ridge on the slopes of which there is the Prader Alm and the mountain station of the Trafoier chairlift, the Furkelhütte. From there the route changes to a high alpine hiking trail, the Goldseeweg.


The view of the Ortler group is now a constant companion of the runner. This year's route does not lead down to the Tartscher Alm and the pass road, but stays on the narrow mountain path that leads directly to the destination on the Stilfserjoch.



With time measurement and list of results with ranking, medical certificate required



With time measurement and alphabetical list of results without ranking, no medical certificate required



With time measurement and alphabetical list of results without ranking, no medical certificate required, hiking sticks allowed


Refreshment points
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For safety reasons or due to force majeure the route may be changed. In this case the participants will be informed in time.

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